What Purpose Does Your Bonus Room Serve?



The bonus room is often overlooked or simply used as a family room or media room. This little-used room can perform a variety of functions that some homeowners don't consider. Convertible furniture and built-in furniture offer a lot more functionality than most people realize. Let's take a look at how your bonus room could be used as a home office and easily transform into a study den, an extra bedroom, or a hobby room with just a few small changes.

Furniture Ideas for the Bonus Room

·       Murphy Bed: A Murphy bed folds up against the wall when it isn't in use as a bed. The underside of the bed can often transform into shelving, a table, or even a small bench sofa. Some have hidden storage under the bed, and every homeowner knows how useful hidden storage can be!

·       Desk: A desk has become a staple in student bedrooms and the family room as well. Nothing would look out of place to implement a desk in the bonus room, especially if it is primarily used as a bedroom, family room, den, study, library, or hobby room.

·       Folding Table: A folding card table or folding dinner tray can easily be stored in the closet, under the bed, or in under-bed storage. They're extremely useful for working on arts and crafts, playing games, or even eating a small meal.

·       Bench-Storage Bedside Tables: Nightstands and bedside tables usually serve one purpose - a spot for the alarm clock. Opt for a set of padded-top bench seats with storage underneath instead. You would still have the functionality of a nightstand, but the added storage gives the entire room more functionality.

·       Transformation Overview: Fold up the Murphy Bed and fold down the hidden table or shelves, move the bench storage to act as seats, and you have a nice craft area where the bed once was. You can just as quickly store all craft materials back in the benches and return them to their spots beside the bed. Then secure the shelving or table and pull the Murphy Bed back down into place. Talk about a quick transformation from bedroom to hobby room!

·       Two Twin Size Beds: Using two twin size beds instead of a Murphy Bed allows you to set the room up as a bedroom for two. But that's just the obvious choice. Consider putting the twin size beds against the wall in an L shape. Now you have a huge sectional with a nice, open floor area for other things. The room can quickly transform into a bedroom for two or an informal family room with plenty of seating for all.

Guest Room or Rented Space

The bonus room must have an attached bathroom for it to effectively be used as a bedroom suite. Guests don't generally want to trek through the house in their pajamas to visit the bathroom and take a shower. You can build a small bathroom in a relatively small amount of space if there isn't one.

Renting the room allows you to bring in some supplemental income while helping someone out. You can create the perfect dorm for a college student if you build a small kitchenette area with a microwave, small sink, and mini fridge.

Your Ideas?

What are your ideas for your bonus room? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and we'll help bounce some ideas around!