Make Kitchen Remodeling Fun Again with These Great Ideas


As the range of kitchen products has continued to expand, some homeowners have lost sight of the enjoyment of remodeling this space. It is easy to feel overburdened with the different choices and the fact that you have to make these different elements work together. However, the following tips will remind you how much fun working on this space can be. 

  1. Mix materials. Many people want to avoid being too experimental with their kitchen designs. You can make missteps with this concept, so try to keep the look simple, but modern. Warm wood and cool metals go well together. Consider a butcher block countertop and metallic drawer fronts and chrome appliances. The contrast will be interesting and instantly grab attention. 

  2. All white. White kitchens still have a lot of appeal due to the clean and efficient look. Consider a blend of whites and off-white colors for the best effect. An abundance of natural light will optimize the look, so consider putting in larger windows to make this possible. The result will be an airy and cheerful space. 

  3. White with black accents. Another take on the mostly white kitchen is to support it with black accents. This works well in larger kitchens, but it can make smaller kitchens seem larger. 

  4. Experiment with black. Black is a great accent color that can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it on the walls as an accent color, or try black appliances in a white kitchen. Black with gold accents also works well in the kitchen

  5. Go rustic. A rustic kitchen does not mean that it will look old or outdated. A rustic kitchen adds warmth and character to the home. It is an inviting setting for anyone who loves to entertain. Ideas like farm tables, stone floors and weathered beams keep your creativity going as you decorate.

  6. Backsplash ideas. This functional element allows you to add even more to the design. Instead of the traditional types, consider something bold for your backsplash like gunmetal or obsidian tiles. While they are dark this can be easily offset by other elements of the space. 

  7. Opaque glass. This adds an interesting design to kitchen cabinets, and it is a good alternatives ot putting items on full display. There is a range in transparency, so you can decide how much you want to show. It can work with stainless steel, wood or painted cabinets. 

These are just a few of the many ideas you can use to bring some fun back kitchen remodeling. Start by setting a budget, so you will have an idea of what kinds of changes are with reach.