Home Improvement Myths and Misconceptions You Need to Know 



When you purchase a home especially your first one you may hold some common misconceptions and old wives tales that need to be cleared up. With this knowledge, you can move forward and take the best possible care of your new investment possible.

Myth 1: Bleach Is the Best at Removing Mold and Keeping it Away

The truth is exactly the opposite. Bleach is not the best and there have been studies to prove it. EPA Research says that when diluted bleach was compared to twelve other household cleaners on painted and unpainted drywall it was not a contender. Full Strength Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Orange Breeze came in at number one.

Myth 2: Duct Cleaning Should Be Done On a Regular Schedule

The truth is unless you really only need to clean your ducts if you find mold, rodents, signs of rodents, or an insect nest. Most homes just never need this type of service. If you do however find one of those exceptions avoid services that charge less than $100 because they will likely just blow compressed air through your vents.

Myth 3: Setting Back the Thermostat Doesn’t Save Money

The truth is that even though it may use energy to set back your thermostat it still pays for itself plus some. During the winter set the temperature back ten degrees during the day when no one is home and five degrees at night. In the summer raise the temp by the same amount. Studies have proven you will save 20 percent on your bill.

Hopefully these ideas will help you either save money or become a more informed homeowner. We live in a world full of information these days with everything at our fingertips. Keep learning everything about how to take care of your home and it will take care of you.