Combine Comfort and Luxury in Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom or Kitchen



When you take the time to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, you might think that following the current trends is the way to go.  However, we want to encourage you to think of all those comforts and little luxuries that you want and that will enhance your experience at home even more.  After all, it is those little touches that will make you love those rooms even more than you thought!

When you are remodeling your master bathroom, you may want to consider installing an island retreat in there.  Yes, we know that islands are usually reserved for kitchens, but imagine the space that you will have if you place one inside your bathroom.  You can have extra storage, a place to sit to do your hair or makeup, and even a spot to put a coffee pot. 

Another feature that we love for bathrooms is the newer mirrors that works with voice-activated services.  Imagine being able to ask Alexa or Google Home what the weather is going to be like or to play your favorite songs while you are in the shower. 

Kitchens are becoming more customized and we love the newer appliances that let you have exactly the amount of freezer and refrigerator space that you need and want.  Columns can be created for you to slide in separate units, so you can have a large refrigerator, smaller freezer, a wine cooler, and any other combination that you can think of. 

We also recommend considering having appliances that are hooked up with technology in your kitchen, so you can have the same experiences that you do in your bathroom.  You can look up recipes on your refrigerator, ask Alexa or Google Home what the next step is in a recipe, and turn on your oven or crockpot from your desk at work. 

Creating a focal point in your kitchen is going to be as easy as installing a gorgeous backsplash that reaches from the counter all the way up to the ceiling.  Choose bold colors or create a stunning design that no one else would dare duplicate. 

There is no limit when it comes to the luxuries and comfort that you can include in both your kitchen and bathroom when you remodel them.  You may think that some of these things are a little out there, but once you see them in your space, you will wonder what took you so long to incorporate them since they are definite life changers!