Bathroom Update- A Clear Idea...

ShowerScreen Have you ever stepped out of your tub/shower to find that your bathroom floor is soaking wet because you forgot to pull back tight to the wall, the end of a shower curtain?

Does it bother you when you are trying to clean out the tracks of bypass glass doors or finding that the doors and tracks get in the way when taking a bath or when you have kids in the tub?

Several years ago, I discovered a solution for the above problems while remodeling a small bathroom for my family when we were living in Cataumet. During the remodel, I had installed a deep tub that was doubling as a shower and I had decided that I did not want a shower curtain or liner as they are called elsewhere. And installing bypass doors seemed too confining, even with frameless doors.

This solution I discovered is called a shower screen. Simply put, it is a glass panel about half the width of the tub length that is hinged to the same wall as the water controls. This is an elegant solution that will keep water in the shower while allowing access to the the tub. It also has the added benefit of making a smaller space seem larger.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to allow room for the screen to swing out, which can be a challenge in bathrooms where the toilet is located right next to the tub. It maybe worth relocating the water control/spouts to the opposite end of the tub/shower allowing for better access.

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