Bathroom Remodeling Factors to Take into Consideration Before You Begin


There are so many things to know when it comes to bathroom remodels, but we have found that there are a few that everyone seems to forget about or ignore.  Therefore, we want to share a few things that we know will be helpful for you to know before you tackle your bathroom remodel.

Here are 5 bathroom remodeling factors to take into consideration before you begin:

1.     It is So Easy to Go Over Budget


Creating a budget for a bathroom remodel may seem easy but sticking to that budget can be more than difficult.  After all, the bathroom is the room where unexpected issues normally occur, whether it is mold, rotted materials, or bad pipes.  You may find yourself needing to give up some wants to stay within the amount of money that you have. 


2.     Prices Vary Per Contractor


It would be nice if all contractors could charge the same amount of money for the job at hand, but that is not how it works.  So, you must be aware of what each contractor you are considering is charging and what that cost includes.  Some contractors may be charging you less, because they are not doing as much as they should be.  In those instances, you may be better off choosing the contractor who is giving you more for your money.


3.     Always Stick with Your Existing Floor Plan if Possible


Moving pipes and wires around in your bathroom is going to deplete your budget faster than keeping everything in place.  That is why we always recommend leaving everything where it is unless you absolutely must move things around. 


4.     Choose Your Materials Wisely


Some materials will not work as well in bathrooms, due to the moisture content, so you may want to avoid materials like wood and other things that can warp easily.  Of course, you can take a chance, but we do recommend installing extra ventilation, to ensure that moisture and mold does not build up over time. 


5.     Always Remember to Add Storage


We couldn’t tell you how many times we see homeowners forget about storage options in their bathrooms and how we are always trying to catch that issue before it is too late.  Please tackle this step as you are planning and designing your bathroom, or you may find that you are tearing things out and redoing them in order to keep certain items inside this space. 


Your bathroom remodel will go much smoother now that you are aware of these five things and what you need to do to prevent problems from occurring.  If you have any concerns or questions during the entire process, we encourage you to talk to your contractor, as they can keep things moving forward without any problems at the end.