Another Absolutely Thrilled Remodeling Client!

We recently just completed a kitchen remodel and whole house update in Mashpee for a second homeowner who was thrilled at the exprience and end results. Below is a review she posted on


 I wholeheartedly recommend John Clark and @designREMODEL. My experience with John and his team was nothing short of perfection. So here are my top reasons for giving @designREMODEL this stellar recommendation:

#1 John Clark himself! John is the consummate professional. A rare combination of design consultant, professional tradesman and project manager, John skillfully manages every aspect of the home remodel project himself. I never once dealt with anyone other than John. From his highly detailed contract to his written weekly updates to his incredible responsiveness to every inquiry, John has a combination of skills that is rare to see in this industry. He is a gentleman.

#2 The SUPERB quality of the workmanship. I am not a newbie to remodel projects. As a landlord with multiple investment properties, I have been around the block. Every floor seam was perfect, every cabinet box and door was properly shimmed and hung, every painted surface was properly prepped. The workspace was clean and organized at all times and everything was protected properly (furniture etc). Every single worker was polite and well mannered. Flawless execution is the hallmark of an @DESIGNremodel project.

#3 On time/On Budget. @designREMODEL delivered my project early and under budget. Yes-you heard that right! John actively looked for ways to help save cost on my project. He brought a few suggestions to me during the course of the project that saved on cost without compromising my vision for the space. In addition, at no extra cost, he included little fixes and tasks that were over and above what was in scope for my project but that he felt would add to my overall satisfaction and enhance the final result.

#4 Problems are Solved-During the course of any project there can be moments when a problem arises. John never once brought me a problem without a proposed course of action (or two). I always felt that the project was under control. An example of this was when the painter noticed that there was moisture behind one of my existing living room walls. John called me, described the problem and recommended that the painter work on other areas of the home while a professional chimney sweep could be called in to repair the leaky chimney flashing that caused the issue. 

#5 Incredible Attention to Detail-I don't know how he does it but John is on top of every little thing. A great example of this is that in the master bedroom I had an existing set of sliding closet doors. The painter did a great job painting them to look like new. However, I had always been missing the little plastic piece that kept the doors separated (which is why they looked so terrible to begin with). I was delighted to discover that, without it even being mentioned, John had procured the little plastic piece and installed it. This kind of thoughtful attention to detail is just one example of many in the course of my project! 

#6 Cutting Edge Knowledge and Flexibility- John is up on all of the latest trends, techniques, and options. My kitchen had limited space but John's suggestion to use wine pegs instead of a built-in wine rack and USB outlets and night light outlets made all the difference in the world to creating a beautiful, functional space. He knows what is being used in the industry today and what to recommend depending on your project. John is also incredibly flexible and listens closely to your described vision for your space and translates that into his execution plan.

#7 Trustworthy- John is a man of his word. He honors his agreements, keeps his appointments and honestly cares about the outcome of your project. I always felt like his only customer.

I'm already looking to book @designREMODEL for remodeling my bathrooms! I highly recommend John Clark and his team.