A to Z Overview of the Whole Home Remodeling Process Part 2

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The renovation process of a whole home remodeling project can be worse than the planning stages, because this is when things start to become real.  However, we do not want you to worry about these steps, because they are easier than they seem. 

Step by Step Renovation Process

1.     Demo Time


Before anything else can be completed, demo work needs to be done on your home.  This is when walls will come down, floors will be ripped out, cabinets will come off the walls, and much more.  Sometimes the demo will only take a day, but it can take longer depending on what needs to be completed. 


2.     Rebuilding


Once your demo work is completed, it is time to start rebuilding parts of your home.  This may include putting up walls in new areas, installing new windows or doors in places where there were none before, or adding on a new room.


3.     Mechanics


This is the part of the project when all your pipes and wires will be relocated if needed.  This is also the time when appliances can be moved to new spots, heating and air conditioning ducts can be moved, and electrical panels can be updated. 


4.     Close in the Walls


Once all the interior wall work is complete, the walls can be enclosed, and your home will start looking like a home once again. 


5.     Flooring


Some contractors will install the flooring after the walls have been painted, while others will do it prior to that.  We try to do everything that we can to ensure that your new floors are not damaged, so we may alternate what we do depending on the flooring material and what else needs to be completed inside your home. 


6.     Cabinets


It is finally time to install all those new cabinets and this is when you will finally see that everything will be completed sooner than later. 


7.     Appliances


While you carved out those spaces for your new appliances earlier, it is now the time that they will finally be put in place.  Obviously, if you kept your old appliances, they will just be slid into their new homes at this point. 


8.     Final Touches


No whole home renovation is completed until all the final touches have been done.  This could include touch ups to the paint, customizing backsplash, installing special lighting fixtures, and adding the hardware. 


As soon as the final touches are completed, you will be ready to start enjoying your newly updated home.  Hopefully you will love it as much as you thought you would and that the entire renovation process was worthwhile.