10 Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen from Blah to Amazing!

If your kitchen is tired and in need of a facelift, you will be happy to know there are lots of ways to transform a blah kitchen into an amazing one.

1.     Black and White: The power of white and black together can create an eye-catching look in any kitchen. The use of these two colors together can be a mix such as black faucets and fixtures coupled with white cabinets or white walls. There is also the option of using graphic tiles in black and white to create a statement wall.

2.     Textures: Mix up the look of the items in the kitchen by including items with different textures and material. Wooden cabinets and stainless steel equipment is one way to create this contrast.

3.     Install an Island: If you have the space, an island can be one of the best investments in revitalizing our kitchen. It adds storage and serves as a work area as well.

4.     Change Out Countertops: Old, damaged countertops have to go if you want your kitchen to make a statement. If total replacement is not possible, consider covering existing countertops with tiles. Deepening on the material you can consider painting the countertop.

5.     Lighting: One of the easiest fixes for a kitchen is to change out the lighting.  Recessed lighting or fancy chandeliers can be perfect with carefully positioned task lights in areas where bright illumination is necessary.

6.     Change the Fixtures: Replacing faucets and other fixtures can almost instantly transform the look of your kitchen. Go with top quality replacements that will last for years and stand up to tough handling.

7.     Change Your Cabinets: Another way to instantly jazz up your kitchen is to either change or refurbish your cabinets. You could also change the knobs and pulls to give the cabinets a lift. When done properly these can make them look like new.

8.     Add Wire Shelves and Pull Out Drawers: Wire pull outs and under cabinet drawers add space, making it possible to better organize the kitchen for a cleaner look.

9.     Add a Rug: A rug in the kitchen can make a statement. However, be careful that the rug is placed in an area where it will not be safety hazard. Make sure to get one that will not skid.

10.  Be Bold: Set your wild side free by experimenting with bold colors. These colors can be on walls, cabinets, curtains and tablecloths and are perfect for adding flair to any kitchen.

The great thing about most of these changes is that they don’t have to be expensive. You can also do these changes over time if you have budgetary constraints. Give us a call at 508-477-9003 to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss transforming your blah kitchen into an amazing space to entertain your family and friends or practice those intricate gourmet recipes you’ve seen on television.