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To us, doing remodeling right doesn’t just mean a quality service delivered on time and as quoted. We also strive to deliver a stress-free and rewarding experience for all of our clients. In addition to remodeling your home, we believe it’s our responsibility to be our client’s trusted adviser and always operate with their best interests in mind.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services, while creating lasting relationships with our clients and providing a one of a kind, first class home remodeling experience. Learn More.

The @designREMODEL Approach to Home Remodeling Falmouth MA

John Clark of @designREMODEL Cape Cod

What distinguishes @designREMODEL from most other Cape Cod Remodeling Companies is our unique design-build approach, which enables you to visually see your project before you begin remodeling. The reason we lead with design is because we understand that, as a homeowner, you are likely only going to go through the remodeling process a couple times throughout your life, and chances are you're not very familiar with home renovations.

By beginning each project with a discovery meeting, we are able to learn about your vision for your new project, gain an understanding of your lifestyle, establish a rough project budget, and begin to outline the options that are available to you within your target price range. This way, we are all on the same page and expectations are established prior to beginning our work together.

Our hands-on approach to home remodeling on Cape Cod continues throughout your home renovation project, as we guide you through the process and all of the decision-making points along the way. Our goal is to ensure that you have as much information as possible in order to make the most educated decisions for you, your family, and your home.

Cape Cod Home Renovations

Whole House Remodeling on Cape Cod - @dR

We truly believe that the foundation of our successful business as an elite Massachusetts remodeling contractor is high quality customer service. Over 80% of our clients are either referrals or repeat clients. As an @designREMODEL client, you will always be aware of what is going on with your project and you will always have your questions answered in a timely manner.

We understand that man local area contractors have a reputation for not being responsive, not showing up on time, and not keeping their clients informed throughout the remodeling process. We do everything we can to change your perception of the typical home improvement contractor in Falmouth, or anywhere else on the Cape, for that matter.

Kitchen Remodeling Cape Cod

Cape Cod Kitchen Remodeling Contractor - @designREMODEL

Remodeling your kitchen can be one of the largest investments you can have in a lifetime. That is why it is so important to hire a reliable local home improvement company that can walk you through the process as far as material selection, design, installation procedure and more. When working with @dR, our staff will help you with the design and building aspect of your kitchen. Need more storage or counter space? Need a larger kitchen? Or do you simply need to upgrade your Kitchen? Whatever your needs are we can help, when it comes to finding a top rated kitchen remodeling contractor on Cape Cod, we are the experts. Most of our kitchen remodeling clients ask us to help them with their Cape Cod kitchen designs. Again, renovating your home is not something you do every day, so it is valuable to get insight from the professionals. We are happy to bring you to our partner showrooms throughout Cape Cod to help you select the very best finishes and fixtures available in your particular price range for your kitchen project.

Bathroom Remodeling Cape Cod

Bathroom Remodeling Cape Cod - @designREMODEL

Is your bathroom old and outdated? Can it use a little TLC? At @dR, Bathroom Remodeling is one of our specialties. Our first class bathroom renovation services include everything from hall baths to master bath renovation to master suite additions. Over the years we have worked on many Cape Cod bathroom renovation projects, we understand all the ins and outs and best practices to building a bathroom that is both functional and serves as a place for you and your family to get ready in the morning and unwind at the end of the day. If you're looking for a reliable, local bathroom remodeling contractor on the Cape, you have come to the right place.  If you’re looking for a Cape Cod kitchen design resource, we have nearly 20 years of experience and can help you choose the products that fit your vision and your lifestyle. We have relationships with several design showrooms on Cape Cod and are happy to accompany you to select your fixtures and finishes to make your bathroom truly yours.

Whole Home Remodeling on Cape Cod

Home Remodeling Cape Cod MA - @dR

Do you have a growing family? Do you have loved ones that may need to move in with you? In many cases we have come across our clients are either expecting a new born, have a relative that is unable to take care of themselves or simply need more space in their home. When buying a new home isn’t an option in many cases, our clients turn to adding to or modifying the space in their existing home, and that is where @dR comes in. When it comes remodeling your whole home, our staff can help you from start to finish with your Family Room Addition or Remodel, In Law Suite, Second Story Addition or Remodel, Kitchen Addition and more. We can design a space that works best for you and your family, help you set up a budget and build accordingly. If you’re considering adding space to your home, or re-configuring the space you already have, give us a call and we will be glad to help you answer your questions, get you started with your remodeling project, or point you in the right direction if we are not the right fit for you.

Many of our clients actually live full time on the mainland in and around Boston (and beyond), and choose to purchase a second or third home on the Cape. Many of these homes are older, so a common solution is a whole house renovation, where we effectively transform a house into your home. You can read more about our whole house remodeling services here.

Additional Cape Cod Home Improvement Services

In addition to the service we just mentioned we also offer a wide range of other services some of which include

  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Drywall
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Sheds
  • Ceramic and Marble Tile
  • Pool Houses and Cabanas
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Sunrooms
  • Full Home Renovations
  • And More...

How to Find the Best Cape Cod General Contractor

Cape Cod MA Home Improvement Company - @dR

Whether you are Down Cape or Up Cape, researching and hiring the best general contractor or remodeling contractor could potentially be a time-consuming and intimidating task, especially if you have never done it before.

We always recommend that homeowners take the time do proper research and due diligence at the beginning, to ensure that you make the best possible decision for your particular project. Renovation contractors in Cape Cod have varying design styles and price points, so it's important to not just pick the first company that returns your call, but to carefully weigh several aspects to ensure that your project is a success. We also highly recommend looking at several reviews and testimonials and get a feel for the experiences that other homeowners have had.

The Risk You Take When You Hire A Low Priced Contractor

Low bid contractors usually can mean several different things:

  1. They didn't account for something which could result in cutting corners in order to make up for their mistakes
  2. They do not understand all that is involved in the project.
  3. Not insured properly in the state of Massachusetts. A home owner that hires a contractor that is not properly insured can run the risk of a potential lawsuit if an employee gets hurt on the job.

Beware of any contractor that says they will meet or beat any price. A true Professional Remodeling Contractor gives you a Firm Price Quotationbased on what they KNOW is required to build your project. Meeting or beating another given price usually is a sign of cutting corners, or using lower end materials to assemble your project.

Contractors That Do Not Hire Subcontractors Are Jacks Of All Trades. 

@designREMODEL strongly believes in the use of subcontractors because they are specialty contractors that are up to date with the local codes, they know quality brand materials and they reduce the time on a project.

Contact The Professionals

If you have questions about what different types of home remodeling cost, or if you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk you through some of your options and give you the information you need to make smart decisions. If we agree to take the next step, we will begin our 5-Phase Remodeling Process, which starts with a Discovery meeting and leads to a Free Estimate for home remodeling services. Unlike others, we offer a firm price quote that takes everything into account and limits or eliminates change orders during the course of the project.

Cape Cod Remodeling Contractor - Local Areas We Serve

We have the experience and expertise for your next kitchen, bathroom, basement remodeling, home addition, or renovation project throughout the following Cape Cod towns and villages: Bourne, Sandwich, Falmouth, Mashpee, Barnstable, Yarmouth, Harwich, Dennis, Brewster, Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown.