Stainless Is Over

Stainless Steel Appliances in Cape Cod Home RemodelingMove over stainless steel. Your time in the kitchen is done. Whirlpool  recently rolled out at the 2012 Kitchen and Bath show it's brand new Ice Collection of appliances which is a fresh take on classic white. This updated version has a glossy sheen that is almost glass like in appearance. In addition, Whirlpool is also releasing a Black Ice Collection. So if you are getting ready to remodel your kitchen here on Cape Cod, should you dump the stainless look and go for the new look of the Ice Collection?  Consider that not surprisingly in Europe, opaque glass-fronted appliances with an elegant whitish or black hue are trending high on most remodeling to-do lists. When it comes to choosing stainless or the new Ice, it will depend upon personal tastes as well as what your choice are in cabinets and counter tops.  If I was doing an all white kitchen, I would go for the White Ice, not so much however if my cabinet choice was maple or similar light color.  Stainless can be a great neutral color that goes well with many colors.

Personally, I think stainless will always have it's fans, certainly amongst those that prefer the look of a professional kitchen. However, I do think that new choices such as Whirlpool's Ice Collection will quickly gain a following.  For me, I like the idea of having appliances that blend into a kitchen, show no fingerprints and are less vulnerable to  scratches. I'm also keen on the smooth and crisp edges of the white ice.

Over the next year, I believe that you will see other manufactures rolling out their own versions of the Ice Collection.

Click the link if you want to learn more about the Whirlpool Ice Collection