Cold! Very Cold! Remodeling Repeat Weeks 4-5

It's been a busy couple of weeks out on Scraggy Neck, Cataumet. The low temperatures and high winds have combined for some tough working conditions in the last week! Below, we have just started removing the front roof in preparation for the construction of the third floor.


Back wall is now removed and the winds are starting to howl. Perfect timing!


Room with a view!


Men At Work!


Ultimate Skylight!


Dusk settles over the open roof...


Wind wall goes up!


Framing the third floor.


Third floor goes up.


Closing in the roof prior to an expected rainstorm.


Closing out another day on Scraggy Neck.


Remodeling Repeat...with pictures. Week 3

This week we were focused on beefing up the floor framing with lots of LVL's. We had to replace the undersized headers over the 3 sliders across the back of the house. We also started on some actual framing and moved the existing gable out about six feet. IMG_2786

Lower addition almost ready for the "move" What is really interesting here, is that we added a 2 story addition without having to build a full foundation. This structure is actually supported by concrete piers that are dug down below 4 feet.


The existing gable end of the house was moved out about 6 feet and allowed us to retain some of the original structure and save the client some money.


This is a temporary roof covering that will serve as protection while we complete the floor framing.


What is this? A new bay window? A balcony? Watch this space to find out more!