Make Cleaning Your Bathroom a Snap with These Easy-to-Clean Remodeling Ideas 


The next time you think about remodeling your bathroom, consider including some easy to clean features. So, what are some the things you can do to help make cleaning day a breeze?

Handle Held Shower Sprayer

After you are finished showering, you can easily rinse the shower enclosure and floor off before getting out of the stall. You can also install this type of shower sprayer if you have a bath and do the same quick cleaning. 

The Right Tiles and Countertop Material

When cleaning a bathroom, the type of tile and countertop help determines how quickly you can clean. 

Make sure that the material used for the countertop is sealed. This will prevent liquid can seeping through ad staining the surface. 

Quality material keeps their finish for years, so cleaning is quicker and easier as well. There is no need to buy and use expensive cleaners to make surface look good. Solid-surfaces for shower walls remove the need for grout which will get discolored over time and need extra cleaning to look good. 

Use Large Tiles

Keeping grout clean and preventing discoloration is a pain. One way to minimize this is to use large tiles in your bathroom. This means less grout to deal with when cleaning the floor. 

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Metal frames on shower enclosures can get gunky and dirty looking easily. These frames can be difficult and time-consuming to clean. Having enclosures that do not have frames remove one area that normally needs attention. 

Of course, glass requires cleaning, but a squirt of dishwashing and vinegar will make wiping down easy. Of course, using doors that are not made of glass is also another idea worth exploring. 

Types of Toilets

Wall mounted toilets makes it easy to clean under them without having to bend and scrub around the base. Toilets with removable seats are also worth considering. You can easily slide off the 

Wall Mounted Fixtures

A wall mounted faucet or toilet makes cleaning the floor a lot easier and quicker.  

In fact, you don’t even have to do a full renovation to benefit from some of the ideas above. Whether you like cleaning or not, these ideas will free up hours normally used to keep the bathroom clean. The best way to end up with a bathroom that is easy to clean is to take the time to design and think about what you want before starting the remodeling project.