Bring the Beach to Your Bathroom this Summer with These Beach-Themed Tips


A trip to the beach is high on the vacation checklist for many people. The relaxing warmth, amazing natural colors, and sound of the ocean help calm us and remove the worries of everyday life. Do you love spending time at the beach? If you answered yes, then you are going to love the ideas that we have come up with for a beach-themed bathroom.

Here are 7 beach-themed tips that you can use to bring the beach to your bathroom this summer:

1.     Install Bamboo Shades


Bamboo looks all summery and it offers some tranquility to bathrooms. The good news is that bamboo shades will look amazing with any of these other beach-themed items that we have fallen in love with.


2.     Add a Sunroof to Your Shower


If you have never heard of or seen a sunroof in a bathroom, you do not know what you are missing. Imagine showering as the sun or the moon and the stars shine down over you. It is fabulous and one of the best ways to bring the beach inside.


3.     Add Pebbles to Your Shower


Pebbles and seashells can easily be found all over the beach and you can easily bring them inside and place them either on your shower floor or all over your shower. You won’t need to put each pebble in place either, as there are pebbled tiles available for purchase.


4.     Add a Pebbled Floor


If the pebbles in your shower is not enough, or you prefer the pebbled look somewhere else, we recommend installing pebbles on your floor. These pebbled tiles are normally smooth, which makes them much easier to keep clean.


5.     Install Ocean Blue Mosaics


Nothing says beach more than the color blue and ocean blue mosaics will have you felling like you brought the ocean directly to your bathroom. We recommend installing these mosaic tiles on one wall or inside your shower.


6.     Add Palm Leaves


Palm trees swaying in the breeze always adds to a beach vacation vibe, and while the palm leaves will not sway in your bathroom, you can still imagine them doing it when you are in there.


7.     Add Some Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed wood washes up onto the beach all the time, so find some to use inside your bathroom. You may not find what you are looking for on the beach, but a store close to you may have exactly what you need.


These eight things will make you feel like you are at the beach every time you walk into your bathroom. Extend your beach vacation now by creating your own beach-themed bathroom this summer!